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Furry friends come in all shapes and sizes, and cross-bred puppies have a special charm. From pomchis to goldendoodles, dogs of multiple breeds often combine the most preferable qualities of specific breeds — but which one is the favorite? To find out That includes so-called bully breeds, like pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds or Dobermans. Dozens of dogs sit at Indy Humane waiting to find a loving home, their genetic makeup truly a mix. Staff often offer a “best guess” as to the breed and "Breed labeling has a lot of negative consequences for a lot which she says people on the street often insist is a "spotted pit bull," is a cattle dog/boxer mix. A résumé, she says, can help introduce both your dog and you as a responsible pet LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – Lake County Animal Care and Control this week has a number of dogs of various breeds including Chihuahuas, boxers, pit bulls and a litter of adorable Rottweiler mix puppies needing homes. The available dogs this week include mixes so after the mixed-breed dog was adopted and then returned due to a “bad fit,” one of Juice’s caretakers took him home overnight to calm his nerves. The comfort was temporary. Upon returning to the shelter, the lonely dog cried for hours in his kennel. Also, a mixed breed dog would likely have a better disposition and/or be physically healthier (although some disagree with this). I know there are “reputable” professional breeders out there, but some of the breeding practices associated with certain .

According to an analysis of records from the Beaver County treasurer's office, Beaver County residents are most likely to own a mixed-breed dog. More than 7,900 “mutts” are licensed in the county. When it comes to pure-breed dogs, Beaver County dog NEWARK - One dog is dead and other severely injured after being attacked by a pit bull Friday morning, according to police. A pit bull got loose and killed a mixed breed Chihuahua in the 1000 block of Guckert Avenue at about 9 a.m., said Newark Police Sgt. Jennifer is the proud mom of her fourth Bernese Mountain dog, Elvis, and a mixed breed she and her husband rescued around Christmas time, named Dottie. She learned about pet insurance when a trainer working with Elvis as a pup suggested she might want to The dog is a 6-year-old mixed-breed dog. She can hardly move. When she does, it hurts her and her owner Dorothy Shephard. "It's going to be a long recovery for her,” said Shephard. The dog was still wrapped in a cast one week after the two pit bulls .

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